Assess physical risk to tangible assets

Proceed with certainty using robustly validated geospatial data


Complex climate science simplified

Proprietary geospatial deep learning techniques validate and bias correct climate models, transforming the data into usable intelligence.


Multiple climate scenarios

Climate scenario modelling using the latest science and machine-learning techniques enabling easy integration to regulatory and voluntary disclosure frameworks.


Globally precise data

Climate scenario modelling using the latest science and machine-learning techniques enabling easy integration to regulatory and voluntary disclosure frameworks.


Customized analytical outcomes

Transforming complex global climate data into usable intelligence and customized outcomes using our climate analytics data platform.


High-resolution data powered by AI

Spatially precise risk exposure data through the fusion of remote sensing, climate projections, and geospatial AI techniques.

“Sust Global’s solution has enabled our clients to understand their assets’ physical climate hazard exposure on a granular basis, enabling integration into risk management procedures and TCFD reporting. In addition to receiving dedicated support, our clients benefit from assessment against multiple IPCC AR6 climate scenarios and receive full transparency in the exposure indicators.”

Helena Walsh, Managing Partner, Agendi

“By using Sust Global’s product, Bridge House Advisors has been able to serve our clients with credible, accurate, and usable climate risk data for TCFD reporting, risk assessments and portfolio analysis.”

Jeff Gibbons, ESG Business Advisor, Bridge House Advisors

“Within a matter of minutes, I could quickly navigate between three climate scenarios 80 years into the future and see the risks from wildfire, heatwaves, drought, and sea level rise.”

Mike Duus, Director of Stewardship, North American Land Trust

Scalable climate analytics for your workflow

Assess your assets and portfolios with ease and precision

Gain insights into future risk from multiple perils like wildfires, floods, cyclones, sea level rise and water stress derived from frontier climate science and earth observation datasets.


Climate analytics at planetary scale

Analyze assets anywhere on the planet with best in class climate data analytics which distills complex climate metrics into simple, easily understandable climate risk indicators

Highly granular data

Data and analytics is provided at the asset level, validated and processed at global scale for exposures and loss metrics using sophisticated machine learning techniques

Assess risk exposure from multiple scenarios

Effectively analyze risk exposure and financial impacts across multiple standardized climate scenarios

Multiple climate related hazards

Develop a holistic view of your climate risk exposure with rapid risk evaluation and reporting across multiple critical climate related acute and chronic hazards

Start building the climate economy

Turn climate complexity into business intelligence through easy-to-understand quickstart guides.

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