Jean-Loup Pinson is our Operations Manager. He holds a MEng in Civil Engineering and a MSc in Urban Planning. Over the past decade, he has built up a strong experience in finance and operations as well as project management in various industries such as public transport planning firms or not-for-profit organisations. He is deeply passionate about data-driven solutions to tackle and adapt to our environment crisis.

Chris is a full-stack geospatial data scientist and engineer, with a background in climate risk analytics. He’s passionate about data accessibility, climate action, and sustainable decision making. Prior to joing Sust, he worked as a resilience scientist at UC Santa Cruz, and as an engineering lead at Apple Maps.

Emilie Lucas is our Growth Operations Manager. She hold a MSc in Economics & Business Adminstration. Over the past decade, she has build up a strong experience in leading nd implementing business development startegies in the analytics & SaaS industry. She is passionate about sustainability and is excited to make an impact on climate change.

Tristan is a data scientist passionate about bringing the latest in AI to climate risk modeling. At Sust, Tristan helps build new tools for risk assessment based on the latest in machine learning and climate data. Tristan has completed a MS in Statistics and a PhD in Earth Science from Stanford University, where his research focused on modeling drought and heat impacts on freshwater systems.

Jay Marwaha supports our clients journey into understanding the implications of physical climate risk. Holding a double degree in International Business and with seven years previous experience supporting clients in all industries with data applications Jay is a pivotal member of our Growth Team. He is passionate about applying his previous experience and making applicable use cases around our data in the efforts to align to better climate action.

JP is a Software Engineer at Sust, where he helps build the infrastructure, platform, and data tools that are the foundation for all of our products. He is passionate about bridging the gap between data and platform teams to create high-impact software. Before Sust, JP worked with several multi-disciplinary teams to create backend systems in multiple industries such as healthcare, investments, financial services, and e-commerce. Other JP’s interests include blogging about tech, cloud architecture, data engineering, and new programming languages.

Matt Cooper is the Senior Data Science Engineer at Sust, where his work runs the gamut from engineering data piplines to thinking critically about risk models to improving Sust’s platform. Before working at Sust, Matt was a Data Science Postdoc that Harvard School of Public Health, where he researched the effects of heatwaves and droughts on food security and health. Matt is passionate about making falsifiable predictions about the future, and using new evidence to update his mental and computational models.