This is how we meet TCFD reporting requirements

Learn how Sust Global supports with instant risk, multiple climate hazard and multiple scenario analysis.

Instant risk analysis

Understand operational and supply chain risk in minutes – for assets anywhere on Earth.

Multiple climate hazards

Hazard specific risk analysis, including wildfires; flooding; cyclones; sea level rise; drought and heatwave.

Multiple scenarios

Physical risk data across multiple scenarios up to the year 2100, including IPCC and CMI6 models.

Scalable climate analytics for your workflow

Assess your assets and portfolios with ease and precision. Gain insights into future risk from multiple perils like wildfires, floods, cyclones, sea level rise and water stress derived from frontier climate science and earth observation datasets.

Assess losses across different transition scenarios

Using data and analytics from Sust Global, you can assess value at risk across multiple climate scenarios with different warming potentials

Integrate loss modeling outcomes into your reports with ease

Use our dashboard and APIs to effortlessly integrate modeled losses with ease and asset level precision to your workflows

Understand potential losses across portfolios

Explore losses at the asset level and how these aggregate for portfolios and asset classes

Determine ROI on investments in climate adaptation

Evaluate projected losses side by side with risk exposure metrics to determine ROI on potential investments in climate adaptation measures

Start building the climate economy

Turn climate complexity into business intelligence through easy-to-understand quickstart guides.

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