Enabling investors and asset managers to tackle physical climate risk with Sust Global's climate analytics

Sust Global enables one of the world’s largest providers of financial markets data and infrastructure to integrate AI-powered climate data seamlessly into their platform, facilitating investment, trading, and risk decision making.

The Challenge

Our customer’s mission is to deliver the cleanest, richest and most accessible data, with a strategic focus on facilitating the shift to sustainable finance, making the provision of best-in class physical climate risk data a key priority.

Their own clients include asset managers across the mining and energy sectors, where exposure to physical climate risk is extensive due to their large number operational assets. They are also increasingly required to provide TCFD-compliant reporting on climate risks in several jurisdictions, requiring physical climate risk data at asset level to satisfy their disclosure obligations.

Previous solutions offered low spatial resolution and did not provide asset-level data. They also surfaced insights via a separate standalone proprietary dashboard, limiting the potential for the seamless platform integration needed.

Sust Global’s solution

Sust Global’s global, granular data, with its flexible API-first integration into their existing workflows, was the obvious choice in terms of its accessibility and precision. Our product also provides data on multiple climate perils including water stress, which is of particular interest to the clients of this particular data platform.

Scalable across multiple portfolios and companies, we are an ideal fit to enable asset managers to get started on material physical climate risk reporting while adhering to the recommendations of the TCFD and other relevant disclosure frameworks.

Our solution also offers future commercial possibilities. This includes sell-side thought leadership on the theme of risk management to engage investors in the alpha opportunity, as well as new products and services connected to climate-related risks and sustainability. Furthermore, investor expectations regarding ESG performance are rising and commodity funds lend themselves well to climate risk optimization with the right data. Future opportunities may include the weighting of equities according to climate risk, and also products positioned around sector neutrality.

Contact us via the form below to learn more about how Sust Global can provide your organization with access to reliable high frequency data insights that support climate-informed investment decisions via our flexible API integration.

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