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We build category-leading climate data solutions that empower organizations to decode financial impact of a changing climate

Reference datasets +

Knowledge graph based approach for analyzing spatial-level risk at a portfolio, sector, or index level.

Financial loss modeling +

5+ financial metrics and risk inputs enable investors to go beyond CVAR and accurately quantify climate impacts.

Climate-informed financial products +

Composable climate data and integrations enable you to build new financial metrics, indicators and product suites.

Regulatory reporting outcomes +

Robust climate risk data and analytics enabling compliance with all key regional and global regulatory disclosure frameworks.

Carbon credit risk analysis +

Investment and project due diligence for effective assessment, disclosure, and diversification of portfolio risk exposure to climate based natural hazards.

Supply chain risk analytics +

Site-level exposure risk data to analyze supply chain risk and identify investment opportunities.

Renewable generation climate impacts +

Acute and chronic climate hazard data for renewable power generation asset productivity and impairment analytics.

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Instant insights with Climate Explorer

Quick set up and instant access to essential insights Climate Explorer™ is our web-based climate risk analytics platform. Upload your assets via the intuitive dashboard and generate insights for properties, land parcels, and portfolios. 

Instant climate risk insights

Validated climate analytics instantly accessible via an easy to use web dashboard.

Six hazard types and three climate scenarios

Data covering wildfire, floods, cyclones, water stress, drought and sea level rise across multiple global warming scenarios on an annual basis to 2100.

Global coverage at the asset-level

Zoom in and understand risks to specific assets, infrastructure and networks, anywhere on earth.

The cost of climate change quantified

Interpretable insights in the form of clear financial loss modeling, value-at-risk projections, and business interruption insights.

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Integrations powering climate-aware products & workflows

Derive, transform, and analyze data across thousands of assets and millions of acres of land. Our frictionless climate data integrations can be provided via direct API, or via our extensive network of third-party data suppliers.

Easy-to-use RESTful APIs

Developer friendly APIs enable climate analytics to be integrated directly into your processes, products and services.

Quickstart guides and documentation

Easily build and scale climate-focused analytics and climate-aware applications using our developer center documentation, data tutorials and quickstart guides.

Secure APIs for exploration and scale

We enable user accounts for development and application prototypes and service accounts for processing, indexing and serving large portfolios of tangible assets.

Third-party data marketplaces

Connect with our data across a range of marketplaces and data services to quickly explore and prototype applications using our data.

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Integrations carbon credit risk analysis

Learn how Sust Global’s climate analytics can inform carbon offset project site selection and the due diligence process for project funders. Access climate risk datasets for forest and blue carbon projects, with our AI-enhanced risk models.

Comprehensive project analytics

Explore historic wildfire exposure across 190+ forest carbon projects.

Analyze future risks

Forward-looking wildfire risk exposure across 190+ projects under multiple IPCC climate scenarios.

Wildfire risk benchmarking

Assess your forest carbon projects from the reference dataset of forest carbon projects that our model has already analyzed. 

Project- and carbon pool-level scores

Risk ratings using forest carbon non-permanence assessment methodologies, backed by our advanced predictive analytics.

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