Climate risk reporting made simple and scalable

Current climate risk reporting processes are slow and painful, with firms forced to conduct qualitative studies using publicly accessible tools and in-house modeling. We enable clients to reduce uncertainty and deliver rigorously validated risk projections with ease. 

Analyst reviewing climate risk insights dashboard

Provide unique insights

Risk exposure from wildfires, flooding, sea-level rise, water scarcity, drought and tropical cyclones.

Man analyzing complex climate science

Surface granular risk data

Provide clients and stakeholders with site-specific risk information and aggregate risk across companies, portfolios and asset classes.

City exposed to climate risk

Benefit from competitive pricing

Maintain profit margins with competitively priced, scientifically rigorous data and analysis acquisition.

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Implement scalable solutions

Work across thousands of assets and multiple reporting jurisdictions with comprehensive datasets accessible in minutes.

Produce robust and transparent climate-related risk disclosures compliant across borders

Assess, report, and disclosure your climate risk across multiple spatial resolutions, climate scenarios, and be flexible regarding time horizons. Built with a deep understanding of global regulatory requirements, Sust Global’s comprehensive datasets meet the rigorous compliance standards of multiple climate-related risk disclosure frameworks, including the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

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Enhanced physical risk analytics

  • Easily assess and advise on material risks facing assets, companies, and portfolios via customizable data analytics tooling.
  • Generate analytics at site level, providing highly specific risk insights for clients, investors and other stakeholders.
  • Rely on transparent, robust data to support decision-making.
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Instant reporting outcomes

  • Effortlessly export data and visualizations for internal and external reporting.
  • Integrate data into existing reporting workflows and consolidate ESG platforms.
  • Quantify the dollar value of climate losses via customizable modeling, enabling streamlined financial analysis.
  • Save time spent combing through mountains of climate and geospatial with instant risk analysis.
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Intuitive data visualizations

  • Use easily interpretable heat maps and data visualizations for cross-functional climate risk analyses
  • Serve insights in easy-to-understand customer-focused metrics e.g. value-at-risk and business interruption analytics.
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Interactive resiliency analysis

  • Compare resilience measures with vulnerabilities highlighted in rapid risk assessments to simply the process of reporting on risk management strategies.
  • Determine ROI on climate adaptation measures.

Climate risk reporting case studies

How our customers use our data to produce physical climate risk reports.

Equipping sustainability strategy consultants with climate risk data

Agendi, a boutique sustainability consultancy working with Fortune 500 companies, has been able to provide enhanced physical climate risk reporting with the support of Sust Global’s data.

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Sustainble corporate strategy with TCFD-aligned climate data

In order to build trust and adhere to regulatory requirements, plastics manufacturer Klöckner Pentaplast needs to report on its climate impact and operate with a strategy that has sustainability at its core.

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Reporting on climate-related disruption to business operations for investors

Using our climate data, ESH provided a 360 degree overview of how physical climate risks could cause disruption to hotel operations and what action could be taken to mitigate the worst impacts.

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Scalable climate risk analytics for your workflow

Key product features:

  • img Data for six climate hazards and multiple global warming scenarios.
  • img Cloud-native tooling with terabytes of data available instantly.
  • img High resolution data backtested against satellite-derived observational datasets.
  • img Global coverage with accuracy guaranteed by geospatial AI.
  • img Versatile data delivery for seamless integration into existing workflows.

Tailored climate risk data solutions

Easy-to-use climate data available via our Climate Explorer dashboard or populated across your own solutions set with our developer friendly APIs. Choose the solution that makes the most sense for you and your existing processes. 

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