Climate risk analytics for financial service providers and data platforms

We recognize the need to deliver reliable high frequency data insights that distill climate complexity in a scalable manner, using cost-effective tools that are both versatile and simple to operate.

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Provide unique insights

Risk exposure from wildfires, flooding, sea-level rise, water scarcity, drought and tropical cyclones.

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Distill climate complexity

Easy-to-understand customer-focused outcomes e.g. value-at-risk and business interruption analytics.

City exposed to climate risk

Create custom analytical outcomes

Combine our datasets with internal and external data points to compose climate data into novel analytical outcomes with you own solutions set.

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Integrate into existing workflows

Serve thousands of data points in minutes via our intuitive dashboard or developer friendly API integration.

Measure the financial impact of climate change on investments and at-risk assets

Assess, quantify, and mitigate climate risk across your assets and portfolios with ease and precision. Gain insights into future risk from multiple climate perils with analysis derived from frontier climate science, machine learning and earth observation datasets.

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Financial loss modeling

  • Estimate portfolio and asset-level vulnerability to six climate hazards including wildfire, floods, cyclones, water stress, drought and sea level rise across multiple global warming scenarios out to 2100.
  • Create climate-informed value-at-risk models to calculate the true potential cost of climate change. 
  • Analyze risk across locations, regions, and wider supply chains.
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Business interruption modeling

  • Estimate days of business downtime due to six climate hazards.
  • Model business interruption due to the impact of climate hazards on assets and local infrastructure such as roads and power grids.
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Adaptation and vulnerability weighted modeling

  • Apply weightings based upon the unique characteristics of buildings and local geography when modeling risk. 
  • Perform climate-adjusted vulnerability modeling of locations that account for any adaptive measures introduced by owners.
  • Determine ROI on investments in climate adaptation.
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New climate-aware products and applications

  • Seamlessly integrate our risk data into your own solutions set using our APIs and build new climate-informed products including climate-informed lending products, green bonds, climate risk index funds, proprietary risk analysis tools, climate-linked insurance policies, and more.
  • Connect with our community of users to learn and share tips and stand up prototype applications using our APIs.

Case studies

How our customers use our data to build and implement climate risk solutions in the finance industry.

A climate-conscious approach to RMBS investment and portfolio management

A leading US bank with large agency and non-agency residential mortgage backed securities (RBMS) portfolios noticed that defaults by mortgagors within RMBS were rising due to their properties being impacted by climate events, such as wildfire, floods and cyclones. More alarming than the absolute level was the trend, which was rising rapidly. The portfolio managers were aware that this was becoming an increasing performance and fiduciary risk.

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Enabling investors and asset managers to tackle physical climate risk

Sust Global enables one of the world’s largest providers of financial markets data and infrastructure to integrate AI-powered climate data seamlessly into their platform, facilitating investment, trading, and risk decision making. Scalable across multiple portfolios and companies, Sust Global’s global, API-first dataset enables asset managers to get started on material physical climate risk reporting while adhering to the recommendations of the TCFD and other relevant disclosure frameworks.

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AI-powered climate risk data to enhance fixed income analytics

As physical assets and investment portfolios face mounting risks from the effects of climate change, financial data platforms require robust methodologies that can predict the probability and severity of events accurately throughout the life of mortgages. Sust Global’s AI-powered analytics and APIs enable institutional investors to integrate climate analytics across portfolios, benchmarks, trading decisions and risk, with a strong focus on mortgage backed securities (MBS).

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Scalable climate risk analytics for your workflow

Key product features:

  • img Data for six climate hazards and multiple global warming scenarios.
  • img Cloud-native tooling with terabytes of data available instantly.
  • img High spatial resolution validated against satellite-derived observational datasets.
  • img Global coverage with accuracy guaranteed by spatial AI.
  • img Versatile data delivery for seamless integration into existing workflows.

Tailored climate risk data solutions

Easy-to-use climate data available via our Climate Explorer dashboard or populated across your own solutions set with our developer friendly APIs. Choose the solution that makes the most sense for you and your existing processes. 

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