Sust Global launches Category Leading climate data enhancements

Sust Global’s climate data and analytics received significant upgrades in 2023, enabling next-generation assessment and quantification of physical climate risks at global scale. The company has launched new data modules which incorporate cutting-edge data solutions for climate and financial impact modeling. These modules are underpinned by proprietary AI modeling approaches designed to leverage satellite-derived climate observations and frontier Earth systems climate research.

Sust Global delivers these capabilities via intuitive data products that enable customers to decode climate risks and quantify impacts across financial and nature markets – at the asset, company, and instrument level.

In 2023, these technological advances have been recognized as best-in-breed by multiple leading industry researchers, including Chartis Research - who named Sust Global as Category Leader in the RiskTech Quadrant for Physical Climate Risk Modeling.

Below is an overview of the key improvements and updates made to Sust Global’s climate data solutions in 2023.

Wildfire Hazard Modeling

Sust Global has designed novel wildfire modeling approaches that accurately represent 21st century climate conditions through learning relationships between indices for daily fire-prone weather and wildfire probability. They use a combination of two AI powered learning layers that disaggregate overall fire risk at a location into baseline wildfire risk and weather-dependent wildfire risk. These industry-leading capabilities have enabled customers to view wildfire risk globally at a spatial resolution of 300 meters with greater accuracy than previously possible as per their paper at the International Conference for Learning Representations (ICLR2023).

Flood Modeling

Upgrades to Sust Global’s Flood Module integrate flood hazard maps with high-resolution elevation data and localized flood zone information. These maps are bias-corrected and terrain-adjusted for flood depths and probabilities using satellite-derived datasets. This yields high-resolution, downscaled flood projections at 90 meters, and observational indicators track actual flood occurrences at asset locations. This sophisticated methodology enables enhanced disaster preparedness, risk exposure assessments, and financial impact analysis related to structural damage and business interruption.

Tropical Cyclone Modeling

Sust Global’s cyclone modeling capabilities underwent significant development in 2023, with a new version to be released in 2024. This updated model combines the latest IPCC CMIP6 scenario-based track simulations with Sust Global’s in house bias-correction methodology applied to cyclone storm track simulations for high resolution, multi-scenario cyclone hazard projections. Their cyclone model ensemble integrates forward-looking models with observational datasets from global meteorological agencies and harmonizes them into a single dataset. This merged dataset is rigorously validated through testing against real world events.

Climate Impact Analytics

Sust Global announced a suite of cutting edge financial impact analytics modules:

  • Structural Damage module - By integrating damage curves and impact data, coupled with observational proof points, Sust Global’s structural damage offering is able to assess the impact of climate events to physical infrastructure – including homes, productive assets, and linear assets such as roads and power networks. By understanding projected structural damage, financial analysts are able to make informed decisions on risk management and alpha generation outcomes across multiple economic sectors.

  • Business interruption - Novel capabilities to assess productivity losses and interruption to business as usual caused by climate-related asset damage, impossible working conditions, or by impact on transportation or energy grid networks in the vicinity of a business. These capabilities unlock an analysts’ ability to view the ‘butterfly effect’ caused by climate-related events across a company, region or supply chain.

Best-in-breed data delivery

Sust Global’s unique value to customers is in next-generation climate modeling datasets and in industry-leading technical architecture and delivery mechanisms. Customers can access data via the Climate Explorer web analytics dashboard and through programmatic integration (API, GIS platforms and data marketplaces like Google Cloud Marketplace and Snowflake Marketplace.

In Chartis Research’s end of year Physical Climate Risk provider review, Sust Global was designated “Best of Breed” for technology and delivery architecture, achieving the maximum score of 5 stars. The platform was also featured in the UNEP-FI’s 2023 Climate Risk Landscape analysis.

Designated Google Cloud Partner

In August 2023, Sust Global announced that it has achieved the Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability designation in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program.

By earning the Sustainability designation, Sust Global has proven their success in building and producing solutions and tools on Google Cloud to help customers achieve their ESG goals.

The designation was awarded based on Sust Global’s product, Climate Explorer, a web-based geospatial intelligence application that provides an easy workflow to upload, process and export climate-related risk insights and financial impact analysis at the property and portfolio level.

Climate-informed metrics in sustainable finance

Sust Global has partnered with Yield Book, an LSEG business and leading provider of fixed-income models, analytics, and data products, to launch tailored physical climate risk analytics for US mortgage-backed securities (MBS).

The joint solution combines Yield Book’s leading financial analytics and asset-level datasets with our climate metrics to provide a view into the pricing impact of various climate hazards on US MBS portfolios. Climate risk to MBS assets is then aggregated at the loan and pool level.


Throughout 2023, Sust Global has gained recognition from various industry experts for its pioneering work in climate risk analysis and management. The company continues to push boundaries with new developments in AI powered predictive modeling and data integration, which equips customers with superior insights for operational and financial action.

At Sust Global, we are on the mission to transform the latest in machine learning, remote sensing and frontier climate science into the intelligent climate data infrastructure that organizations need to thrive. If you would like to learn more about our dashboard or API integrations, fill out the form below and a member of the team will be in touch shortly.

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