Make every decision climate-informed

Quick set up and instant access to essential insights

Climate Explorer™ is our web-based climate risk analytics platform. Upload your assets via the intuitive dashboard and generate insights for properties, land parcels, and portfolios. 


Instant climate risk insights

Validated climate analytics instantly accessible via an easy to use web dashboard.




Complex climate science transformed

Frontier climate science and satellite data transformed into actionable business intelligence using proprietary machine learning and generative AI techniques.




Six hazard types and three climate scenarios

Data covering wildfire, floods, cyclones, water stress, drought and sea level rise across multiple global warming scenarios on an annual basis to 2100.




Global coverage with asset-level resolution

Zoom in and understand risks to specific assets, infrastructure and networks, anywhere on earth.




The cost of climate change quantified

Interpretable insights in the form of clear financial loss modeling, value-at-risk projections, and business interruption insights.













What Sust Global’s customers are achieving with Climate Explorer

Restoring our ecosystems

Blue Forest uses our climate risk data to explore potential project sites and secure funding with transparent and comprehensive risk assessments.

Building climate resilience

Agendi provided clients with precise climate data, enabling them to accurately report on their impact.

Maintaining compliance

Bridge House Advisors are able to ensure their clients have access to comprehensive, TCFD-aligned climate data for mandatory risk disclosures.

“The geographical coverage was a key decision factor for us in choosing Sust Global. We didn’t find another option that could offer the same range.”

Lucy Chatburn, Consultant Manager, Cleantech Group

“By using Sust Global’s product, Bridge House Advisors has been able to serve our clients with credible, accurate, and usable climate risk data for TCFD reporting, risk assessments and portfolio analysis.”

Jeff Gibbons, ESG Business Advisor, Bridge House Advisors

“Sust Global’s solution has enabled our clients to understand their assets’ physical climate hazard exposure on a granular basis, enabling integration into risk management procedures and TCFD reporting. In addition to receiving dedicated support, our clients benefit from assessment against multiple IPCC AR6 climate scenarios and receive full transparency in the exposure indicators.”

Helena Walsh, Managing Partner, Agendi

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