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How Sust Global’s Geospatial AI can power your climate-related strategy 

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Category leading climate hazard analytics

We provide climate hazard analytics for scenario-driven climate projections. We use a patented AI-driven approach that applies insights from remote sensing and frontier climate research.  

global assets analyzed
different climate indicators
customizable financial impact metrics
SummarY climate metrics

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Transparent model analysis and backtesting

We calibrate the performance of our hazard projections using space—and ground-based observation datasets. We publish benchmarking results from our AI models and financial metrics from partner applications.

Historical Data Analysis

Evaluates how a model performs against past financial market data to assess its predictive accuracy and robustness.

Statistical Testing

Utilizes statistical methods to validate the model's assumptions, forecasts, and consistency over time.

Stress Testing

Examines model performance under extreme market conditions to understand potential risks and vulnerabilities.

Out-of-Sample Testing

Tests the model on a data set not used during model creation to gauge its effectiveness in real-world scenarios.

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Platform integrations into your data warehouse

Using cloud native geospatial processing APIs, we are able to process and serve portfolios of 1000s of assets in minutes and address-level search in seconds. Teams can use our data in their native data warehouses through our platform and marketplace integrations.  

Sustainability Partner Designation in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program
Category Leader in physical climate risk modelling by Chartis Research industry report.
Data Collaboration Trial listing to Counter Climate Change

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