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Increasingly frequent and severe climate events are creating a new financial paradigm

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Our mission

Decision makers do not yet have effective, accessible and trusted data tooling to navigate this new world and navigate with confidence.

We decode climate risk through intelligent data solutions to quantify the [financial] impact of a changing future.

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Accelerating climate impacts

investment needed to reach net zero by 2050
global losses from climate events
2023 vs 2022 US Loss with extreme climate events (28 vs 14)

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Regulatory disclosures driving climate reporting standards

The IFRS/ISSB has issued a global framework on climate reporting

Merged with the TCFD in 2023, leading to a combined global climate framework for disclosures

EU-wide legislation regulatory disclosures are required in 2023

EU legislation mandates disclosure of material climate-related risks across Europe

In March 2024, the US Securities and Exchange Commission released their regulatory guidance.

The SEC requires US companies to disclose material physical climate risks from 2025.

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New financial risks & opportunities

Accelerating climate events are driving new risks & opportunities across the global economy. From portfolio selection to supply chain resilience management, Sust Global helps investors capitalize on changes and protect against downside.

Our Partners

Our partners in achieving our mission

Our physical climate risk offering empowers risk management, scenario analysis, portfolio benchmarking, and the fulfilment of regulatory requirements via flexible, scalable data delivery mechanisms.
Emily Prince, Group Head of Analytics
Through their flagship Copernicus missions and sentinel satellites, ESA has pioneered earth observation programs, harnessing a rich catalog of data on land surface, oceans and the atmosphere. Sust Global will bridge these earth observation datasets with commercial applications focused on sustainability monitoring and climate intelligence, developing new climate adaptation measures.
SMOCGEO project press announcement
Powerhouse Ventures
The challenge for the next generation of climate risk solutions will be integration. Accurate and efficient sourcing, validation, and integration of data for specific customers needs to be done in a scalable manner. Sust Global covers all these steps.
Emily Kirsch, Founder & Managing Partner
Hambro Perks
Sust Global is addressing a huge problem with a unique software solution. We want to partner with the best teams from an early stage and this investment gives us the opportunity to do that.
Tom Bradley, Partner

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